Explore the Ocean

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Come join us on one of our snorkel/free dive expeditions! We have expanded our research and conservation efforts to include an array of marine species and will show you how they are all interconnected under One Ocean. Depending on seasonality join us on one (or more) of our tours to learn more about these endangered animals, our research and conservation efforts, and how YOU can also help save these amazing animals!


PElagic ShArk Dive

Join us on our most popular dive (snorkel), and swim with an array of shark species! You will learn about the biology, physiology and behavior of sharks and how to safely interact with them. While on board you will also learn about our current research efforts to help save these misunderstood animals.



hOnu Tour/Little Ocean Tours

Ever wanted to meet a Hawaiian Green sea turtle up close and personal? We have a number of sites across island that you can join a marine biologist in the water to learn about the biology of the sea turtle and what research and conservation efforts we are doing to help save these endangered species!



Whale Program

January 1st-April 30th

Come aboard and learn about our annual whale migration and the rest of the beautiful cetaceans (whales, dolphins, porpoises) around the north shore of Oahu! Your trip will be led by naturalist/marine biologist and you can take part in gathering data that will aide in whale conservation and research! Come on board one of our vessels to look for whales and stay dry or go in the water with sharks.