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Email us at: TeamOneOcean@Gmail.com

Aloha!  Here at One Ocean Global we are aiming to provide the foundation for a worldwide effort in helping protect the planet.  While we have a lot of focus on marine life and conservation, this world works all together and we are striving to assist and benefit all conservation efforts.  We want to give aspiring conservationists around the globe the materials they need to start making a change locally and hope to inspire enough individuals to make this a worldwide project!  With combined determination we can make a bigger and stronger impact to providing the planet with better care and a greater cause. We strive to inspire our communities in taking action for the planet and the creatures within it.  A healthier ocean means a healthier planet and a healthier life for all of us. Join our team and network as a #OneOceanAmbassador #OneOceanGlobalTeam #GlobalConservation


How to Join:


Please fill out the application below and email us a completed application along with a CV/Resume to teamoneocean@gmail.com

 In this application you will determine how you want to get involved within your local community to help spread awareness on conservation efforts. This can be things such as public talks, school presentations, social media campaigns, cleanups, or any idea you might have that would set a good example while educating other to join in on the movement! We want to support and highlight your efforts as a global ambassador and ask that you do the same for all of our ambassadors and in exchange we will provide materials and support to make your efforts more impactful!


Check out our other global and youth ambassadors on our MEET OUR TEAM page, or click the link below!