501c3 Federal Tax ID #: 99-0344723

Mahalo nui loa (thank you so much) for your interest in donating to our cause! Your donation will go to items like this or you can sponsor and send these items direct to:

Save The Sea Turtles International PO BOX 940. Haleiwa, HI. 96712.

-Mesh bags 

-scissors/knives to cut fishing line 

-garden gloves  

-buckets/large containers for debris 

-garbage bags (biodegradable or compostable preferred) 

-sifters to separate plastic from sand 

-prizes to award most active participants at monthly cleanups 

-professional grade microphone for recording audio for educational awareness interviews 

-children’s books, coloring books, shark toys/figurines for educational outreach presentations  

-computers for research interns 

—YOUR TIME!  volunteer or donate your time towards a cause, campaign, or project that helps make a positive impact. Check out @OneOceanGlobal for ideas and guidance.

Divisions of One Ocean your donation Also supports:

@OneOceanConservation- Monthly reef and beach cleanups on Oahu and social media awareness campaigns

@OneOceanResearch- Our ongoing correlation studies look at shark movements by species, gender, depth profile, and season. Baseline information for individual animals is recorded, and new sharks are added to our ID program. 

@OneOceanEducation- Complimentary outreach presentations to classrooms and school groups on shark biology, physiology, behavior and ecological importance.