Getting Started

Diving with One Ocean

The Pelagic shark snorkel starts when you board on of the One Ocean Diving & Research vessels. Your guides will welcome you onboard and you will be asked for your shoe size so the crew can get you fitted with a pair of fins and given a mask and snorkel. You will be asked to store any items not going in the water in the vessels cab for dry storage. Your Captain will give you a safety briefing and very important information about the vessel and emergency protocol in case of the very unlikely event of an accident/injury (rest assured we have 100% safety record). Keep in mind you are several hundred thousand times more likely to be injured on the drive to the harbor than during your experience and time in the open ocean, so drive carefully ;)

Specific survey sites identified as natural aggregation areas are used to approximate local shark populations and movements by surveying the number of sharks present in specified areas and depth profiles during specific times of the day and year. Seasonal movements of shark species divided by gender and weather patters are recorded to identify differences in behavior. Lack or abundance of mesopredators are looked at during the trips for correlation studies.

Participants can contribute to the digital shark ID program by submitting photos from their snorkel if they attain clear identifiable images of the left profile, right profile, and top side of any "easily identifiable" shark. If the shark is not already listed in the digital ID the submitting photographer is asked to name the shark and updates on the sharks site fidelity are shared.