**Information regarding the Guadalupe White Shark Research Trip 2019 will be shared here as soon as those details are available**

Guadalupe White Shark Research Trip 2018

Want to dive with Great white sharks? We are now offering a trip to Isla Guadalupe to cage dive with Great White sharks. Ocean Ramsey and Juan Oliphant have been going out for 13 years and every year has been epic. This is an amazing opportunity to learn and experience Great white sharks with the experts Ocean Ramsey and Juan Oliphant as they put together this special dive trip with shark research: ongoing behavioral studies, conservation and photography in mind. Juan will be on board himself to help teach you how to use your camera and how to take amazing photos during your trip. Ocean Ramsey will be onboard to answer any of your questions about shark biology and research. This is a not for profit trip, and proceeds will go towards funding tags for local research!

Because this trip is later in the year we expect to see an abundance of female Great white sharks everyday. We have two trips the first trip is October 28th- November 2nd, 2018, and the second is November 3rd- November 8th. This is a six day trip with four full days of diving on site. We will be aboard a refurbished 140ft vessel with options for twin bed double cabin or private cabins. The ship is equipped with four shark cages two on the stern and two cages on the sides of the ship. Two of the cages are submersible and the other two are surface cages..

The trip will leave from San Diego California on the morning prior to trip departure date via large commercial vans crossing the border of Mexico to Ensenada were we will board the live aboard for our 12-20 hour boat voyage to Guadalupe island, so we recommend flying in the day before in case of any flight delays.  On the last day of the charter we expect to be back in San Deigo around 2pm depending on weather and traffic. You must have a passport valid for 6 months after entry.

If we are lucky Dr. Mauricio Hoyos may join us on one of our trips (This is not a guarantee its based on Hoyos schedule). Ocean Ramsey works with him and the team and will cover the current research and findings during presentations and while viewing the sharks from the surface during the trip. These presentations are optional to attend, you are free to dive as much or as little as you want during the trip. We will be on site the entire time with white sharks likely showing up morning and staying around all day.

You will be among some of the best in the field of knowledge about Great White Sharks of Guadalupe Island.


This includes accommodations on the live aboard vessel, food, drinks, and transportation from San Diego to Ensenada and back. 

$4500.00 per person payable PayPal, credit card, or a bank transfer. There are two people per cabin of you would like your own cabin the price is $5,200

To reserve your spot a $1700 USD  deposit is required 90 days prior to departure date. Deposits or final payments are non refundable if cancelled after the 90 day payment deadline. The remaining $2800 USD balance payable 10 days before the trip. 

We will only take a maximum of 12 divers so spots fill quick for this special trip! 

Things to know:

If you are not a certified diver that is not a problem! We will have two cages on the boat. For the submersible cages you have to be a PADI certified diver. For our surface cages you do not have to be certified, we generally see more action in our surface cage, so you aren't missing out on anything if you are not a certified diver!

You must have a passport that is valid 6 months .

If you are vegetarian or vegan we can make special accommodations for your meals.

All divers must bring their own personal wetsuits, hoods, gloves, booties. (Weights, weight belts and air will be supplied on the boat).

In October with the water temperatures, a 5-7 mm wetsuit is recommended with a hood and or gloves to stay warm in the cages.

For more information or any other questions please email us at oneoceandiving@gmail.com

Ocean Ramsey TED Talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVuHuifQL8Q


Photos by Juan Oliphant @juansharks and Ocean Ramsey @OceanRamsey