Want to get more involved? Want to have your voice heard and have a say in the health and protection of marine species? Take a look below at global campaigns that you can submit a testimony, comment, share on social media, etc. to help protect marine animals!


Please support @projectaware 's efforts to protect Mako sharks! Sign the petition by clicking the direct link below:

"The shortfin mako is an exceptionally vulnerable shark species prized for meat, fins, and sport. Makos cross entire ocean basins and yet there are no international limits on their catch. Because of the importance of diving in Egypt, South Africa, and the US, we’re targeting officials from these countries to champion the cause.

This November, ICCAT will face new scientific advice on the status of makos, and a critical opportunity to protect Atlantic populations from overfishing. Add your name and sign the petition. We call on ICCAT Parties to heed the science and ask Egypt, South Africa and the US to lead the way toward securing a ban on landing Atlantic makos before it's too late. It's make or break time for makos. Please step up now."

Link to petition :


Please help us protect the Galapagos Islands from illegal poaching! A Chinese fishing vessel was just found with over a ton of sharks including endangered species like hammerheads and silkies. Please support this campaign to help fund two speed boats to help monitor and protect the Galapagos Islands to keep this from happening again!

Go to think link! #helpsavesharks #SaveTheOcean:



The Department of Interior has put 27 of our national monuments, including Papahanaumokuakea under review under the Antiquities Act in an effort to reduce government control. This means the potential to get rid of land and marine protected areas. In a time of global environmental crisis it is imperative that we protect what we can.

PLEASE Take 5 minutes to submit a formal comment in support of keeping ALL of our national monuments! and type "DOI-2017-0002" into search bar

Deadline is July 10th 2017 and spread the word!

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Photo by @malamamonkseal

Photo by @malamamonkseal

Photo by @juansharks

Photo by @juansharks