Youth Ambassadors





MADI is an entrepreneur and marine conservation enthusiast.  She started the social media feed "Its_Their_Ocean"  #ITSTHEIROCEAN for shark conservation. Madi has dove with Tiger sharks, Sandbar sharks, and even Great whites. Madi is a wonderful role model and a great example of our future generations. Madi helps with the "Shells4Sharks" benefit line with water inspired conservation group. She has also helped with the digital shark ID program and there is a sandbar shark named after her.  

Check her out on  INSTAGRAM: @MADI_MAKOFF




LYLA "LOU," moved from Utah to Hawaii in 2014, and has been in love since day 1. Being surrounded by such a beautiful places fueled Lyla's passion for animals on land and in sea. For her 7th birthday, all she wanted to do was swim with sharks. Lyla and her parents headed out on Pono Kai for the first time in fall 2015, and thus began Lyla's deep love and need to protect the apex predators that so many fear. After going out multiple times and swimming with hundreds of Galapagos and Sandbar sharks, Lyla began to realize that she wanted to join the effort to save these amazing animals. Lyla hopes that by spreading knowledge about sharks and encouraging others to stand up for them, we as a collective will begin to realize that it's not just sharks that need our help. Lyla also enjoys climbing trees, surfing, playing with her friends, hiking and exploring with her family and questioning local establishments on their fishing and sourcing practices.





MOLLIE is a One Ocean Diving’s Youth Ambassador living in Carlsbad, California. She has always been passionate about the ocean since she was young, and wants everyone to appreciate it too. Her goal is to get people to view the ocean as a non-scary, beautiful, and important ecosystem. She enjoys traveling and hopes to one day be ale to visit all of the oceans, as well as make a difference in marine conservation. She is very thankful for Ocean, Juan and everyone at One Ocean Diving for the opportunity to become a youth ambassador.

Check her out on INSTAGRAM: @MOLLIEMAT