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Come join us on one of our snorkel/free dive expeditions! 

We have expanded our research and conservation efforts to include an array of marine species and will show you how they are all interconnected under One Ocean. Depending on seasonality, join us on one (or more) of our tours to learn more about these endangered animals, our research and conservation efforts, and how YOU can also help save these amazing animals!

The Pelagic Shark Snorkel



Join us on our most popular dive (snorkel), and learn about and swim with sharks without a cage! You will learn about the biology, physiology, and behavior of sharks, as well as how to safely interact with them. While on board you will also learn about our current research efforts to help save these misunderstood animals.


GoPro and Professional Photography Packages available!


hOnu Tour/Little Ocean Tours


Ever wanted to meet a Hawaiian Green sea turtle up close and personal? You can join a specialized turtle biologist in the water to learn about the biology of the sea turtle and what research and conservation efforts we are doing to help save these endangered species!


GoPro Included!

Professional Photography Packages available!


**Must Call to Book**

Cost: $3200

Bookings by request only. *Subject to weather*Time: 7am-11am 

Photo by @JuanSharks, free diver @OceanRamsey

Photo by @JuanSharks, free diver @OceanRamsey

Our new One Ocean Advanced Shark Diving & Tiger search program is designed for people who have been diving with sharks for a while and want to learn about at a more in depth level.  The program is lead by lead shark biologist Ocean Ramsey and 20 year shark expert and professional photographer Juan Sharks better known as @JuanSharks. 

One boat will go out to survey the area with a device designed to listen for acoustic pings from tagged sharks while Juan and Ocean take participants out to freedive with sharks at different aggregates to get them closer than ever before to shark with more knowledge.

The program comes with professional images by Juan and Ocean Ramsey will be your personal safety diver in water taking video of your dives and discussing the behavior of the sharks as well as considerations on how to adapt your own behavior in a more in depth way.  The team will be there to answer any questions you have and also search for other pelagic species offshore. 

Total time is four hours. 7am-11am 

Cost covers the two boats and four crew, fuel costs, and comes with snacks, refreshments, and professional images and GoPro footage of your time in water.  Capacity is limited to two people max for safety and quality. 

This is your best chance at seeing a tiger shark and getting closer to sharks than before while learning about them more in depth. 

Its a great program for those who are interested in working with sharks professionally or want more in depth knowledge and incredible photos from the experts or those who really want to see a tiger shark or get closer to sharks. 

This is not a great program for people who get sea sick. 

No prior experience with sharks is required. 

Tiger sharks are not guaranteed but you are guaranteed to get a lot of photos and gopro footage of you very close to sharks. 


Cost: $3200.

Bookings by request only. Subject to weather*