One Ocean Research Team

OCEAN RAMSEY: Lead Researcher, Head Marine Biologist, Lead Safety Trainer, 8+ years shark experience including 4 years of data collection in Haleiwa (North Shore) and around the world.

Focus: Shark Ethology (behavior), Noninvasive methods to observe and document Shark Population Status & Dynamics, Seasonal Migrations, Shark/Human Interactions. Global Marine Conservation, Cetacean Behavior and SharkShield-deterrent testing.
Species Specific: Great White (Cacharodon carcharias), Tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier), Galapagos Shark (Carcharhinus galapagensis), Sandbar Shark (Carcharhinus plumbeus)
Special Interests: Nomadic and Resident Tiger populations, Interspeciez dynamics/interactions (Shark/Cetacean)

JUAN OLIPHANT: Lead Naturalist, 10+ years shark experience Haleiwa (North Shore) and around the world, Lead Safety Trainer

Focus: UW Photography for documentation of behaviors, individual idnetification, Shark behavior, Shark/Human Interactions, Marine Conservation, Cetacean Behavior

Special Interests: Nomadic and Resident Tiger populations

KAYLEIGH BURNS: Lead Research Assitant, Shark Naturalist, Safety Trainer, 1+ years shark experience, data collection Haleiwa (North Shore).

Focus: Individual shark behaviors/interactions/identification/GreenLaser, Shark ID
Special Interests: Humpback Behavior, Tiger Shark Behavior/Biology

TRACY MULLEN: Research Assistant, safety diver, Shark Naturalist, 4+ years shark experience, data collection Haleiwa (North Shore)

Focus: Predator Science

ALEXIS ARAW: Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, Marine Conservationist/Biologist

Focus: Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia Myers) Population Dynamics, Disease Ecology, Conservation, Education

Research Advisors

DR. MICHELLE BARNES: UH Manoa, James Cook University, PhD

Focus: Economic Value of Live Shark, Social Media as tool for Shark Marine Conservation

DR. MAURICIO HOYOS: Guadalupe, Socorro, Clipperton, La Paz Mexico, SharkWeek, PhD

Focus: WHite Shark population dynamics, behavior, Oceanic Manta COnservation and Ecology, Scalloped Hammerhead population status, Protection offshore Revillagigedos


Focus: Blue shark protection, Mako shark, Bronze Whalers

DR. NEIL HAMMERSCHLAG: University of Miami, Shark Tagging Project, PhD

Focus: Shark and Marine Conservation Tiger Shark, Bull Shark, Greater Hammerhead Shark, Tools in Social Media for Public Awareness, Strategic Tagging

DR. Andrew Fox: Australia

Focus: White Shark 20+ year photo ID

Research Affiliates

Hawaii Pacific University
University of Hawaii Manoa
Brigham Young University Hawaii
Pelagios Kakaunja
San Diego State University
University of California Davis
Maya Santangelo: OWUSS Rolex Scholar Australia 2016
Keiko Conservation: Whale (Cetacean)


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