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Photo by   Juan Oliphant   @Juansharks. Read the story behind this image    here

Photo by Juan Oliphant @Juansharks. Read the story behind this image here

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“In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we have been taught.”
— Baba Dioum

Our Focus: Why Sharks?

 Water Inspired was established as a 501(c)(3) non profit organization in 2005 to share the less often shown beauty, and promote education about the importance of sharks for the sole purpose of supporting and growing conservation efforts for these vital yet highly misunderstood animals. We focus on shark conservation because to be completely honest, we love them.  That love comes from an understanding, appreciation, and years in the water with them.  To our team there's nothing better than being in the water surrounded by sharks.Sharks are a vital part of a bigger complex inter-linked ocean eco-system.  Our primary focus is sharks but we understand and appreciate all marine life so we constantly work on other marine concerns such as marine debris that effects so much of our ocean inhabitants.  Jump on board with marine conservation as a whole.  Find inspiration and appreciation for every creature as they and we all depend on one another.    

The importance of Sharks

Sharks function as the white blood cells of the ocean ecosystem. They pick off the dead, dying, and weak leaving only the healthiest to reproduce. Without sharks our ocean ecosystem would collapse; the health and productivity of the fish that humans and other mammals eat would degrade to the point that our human health and the amount of seafood available for consumption could also be jeopardized. 
At this point, many sharks are now on the brink of extinction. Scientists estimate that over the past 50 years, 90% of the world’s shark population has disappeared. We hope that capturing images of sharks and humans interacting peacefully and intimately will help to change the way people think about sharks. To see sharks as they really are: amazing, beautiful, and important animals that need to be protected. The media hype surrounding these animals depicts them as evil demonic man-eating monsters. The truth is sharks do not see people as food and try avoiding contact with humans if possible. Humans are killing 100 million sharks each year and sharks accidentally kill 4-7 people worldwide.

What We Do      

Our approaches to conservation are diverse and multi-faceted. Water Inspired utilizes photography, videography, diving, research, and public presentations to help inspire, and further public education about the importance of sharks and promote awareness of their plight in an effort to gain support to protect and conserve sharks and marine life. We also organize and host monthly reef and beach cleanups on Oahu in partnership with @OneOceanConservation as well as educational outreach presentations via @OneOceanEducation. You can stay up to date with our latest campaigns and efforts by following us on Instagram @WaterInspired.

Get Involved

Your personal involvement is what makes efforts to help protect sharks and other marine life a reality.  Every single person makes an impact, especially when they join together and focus their efforts.  We hope you will choose to join us in growing this important global community effort to help save sharks and ultimately conserve the ocean environment for our present and future human and animal generations. Click the buttons below for ways to get involved with current conservation efforts and #WaterInspired on social media to help inspire others to join our mission.


501c3 Federal Tax ID #: 99-0344723

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