What is One Ocean Diving?

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A foundation and support platform for collaborative pelagic research, conservation, education and you in the water with these amazing animals. We focus our efforts on studying the behavior, physiology, biology and human interaction/effects on sharks, sea turtles and whales. We are passionate about helping people better understand these animals and the negative misconceptions that can go along with them- ESPECIALLY SHARKS! Click on the tabs below to learn more about how we carry out each component of what makes One Ocean Diving so unique! So come join us on one of our dives and experience for yourself how incredible each species is! You will walk away with a new understanding and appreciation for these animals and hopefully will help spread the word to help save our pelagic animals! 



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Founded for a collaborative research program gathering data for over four different current shark research studies, the One Ocean Diving Pelagic Program was adapted by internationally recognized shark and marine biologist, Ocean Ramsey to serve as a major conservation effort and to help assist with funding for ongoing studies of sharks.

What started with sharks has now grown to encompass the Honu (Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle) and Humpback whales!

Click on the tab below to learn more about our research efforts for theses three specific species.


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Our hope is to spread the word about the importance of protecting marine animals, and to encourage people globally to take action and use their voice to stand up for all these amazing species!

We seek to educate people through multiple platforms: personally through our dives, social media, giving school presentations, and working with individuals and groups internationally too support their research and conservation efforts through @oneoceanglobal



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Facilitating and inspiring the connection of human beings to protect the animals within our oceans and the marine ecosystems and environment through first-hand experience. During our dives you learn about shark, sea turtle and whale biology and how it plays into their behavior, body language and human impacts on the survival of these marine species.

Check out our conservation page by clicking the "LEARN MORE" button below to get involved in local conservation efforts and learn about the threats facing sharks, sea turtles and whales, and how you can help get involved!

and YOU

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One Ocean Diving would not be possible without all of you! We believe experiencing these animals first-hand helps steward a respectful relationship. It is our hope that  after learning about these animals and the threats facing them you can use your voice to help spread the word! You as an individual can make a huge difference in changing the perspectives of people and helping them better understand the importance of protecting what lies beneath the ocean's surface.