How To Be Prepared


PARKING: Please park by the little brown restroom building near the harbor entrance on the back side (west) of Haleiwa Joe's Restaurant. 

WHEN: General tour times vary by season and can be seen in the Online Calendar (WEATHER PERMITTING.)
Earliest trips generally have the least wind and the calmest conditions. Early is advised for those prone to sea sickness. 


  • TOWELS (2 towels are advised for comfort)  



  • CAMERA (Small handheld cameras are not permitted in the water, but good for taking pictures from the boat)

  • CHANGE OF CLOTHES are recommended

  • BIODEGRADABLE REEF SAFE SUNSCREEN (Oxybenzone free). Please no aerosol spray sunscreen! We have extra sunscreen onboard. Just ask :)

  • We provide MASKS, SNORKELS, & FINS & RASH GUARDS. However you are welcome to bring your own.

  • RASHGUARDS & WETSUITS are highly recommended for jellyfish protection, but not required (we can get comb jellyfish floating by irregularly). We have jellyfish spray and no-itch gel onboard if you do get stung. We do have UV Xcel rash guards onboard for you to borrow during our program. Just ask the captain when you board. ** If you are signing up for a beginner free dive course, all gear including wetsuit can be provided **

  • Bring your MEDICATIONS onboard with you if you are knowingly diabetic or allergic to bee stings/jellyfish. Please inform crew of any special medical conditions & medications. Safety is our top priority.

  • IF YOU ARE PRONE TO SEASICKNESS make sure to take DRAMAMINE THE NIGHT BEFORE AND 1 HOUR BEFORE BOARDING THE BOAT to prevent it. If you feel seasick while onboard, drink water and look at the horizon. You are welcome to bring any ginger lozenges or snacks to help with your nausea.

  • SWIMMING & SNORKELING ABILITY: BASIC SWIMMING ABILITY REQUIRED. Basic prior snorkeling experience highly recommended.

    More Info:

  • * Please check in at our BLUE KIOSK, if t’s open, prior to boarding the boat *

  • There is a dry storage area on board for bags/backpacks. We just ask you limit your items to one bag per person.

  • There is no restroom on board. There are restroom facilities at the harbor to use right before departure.

  • Persons under 18 need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or have them sign the Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk waiver prior to departure.

  • All ages are welcome on board. However, there is a 4ft height minimum to get in the water with sharks. 

  • There is also a weight restriction of 250lbs per person. For persons over 250lbs please book an additional “Ride Along” spot under the same name. This is for safety and comfort.

 **Please contact us if you are over 250lbs. If you fail to notify us about your weight if you are over 250Lbs we reserve the right to deny you from boarding the vessel or getting in the water due to serious safety concerns for yourself and our crew. If you are not in good physical fitness or have any serious medical issues or limits to your physical fitness you must notify us 48 hours in advance to allow us to arrange for a 2nd safety**

We look forward to having you on the boat soon!